Thursday, February 01, 2007


I wish I knew how I got here, so I would be able to get here sooner next time.

Every day for almost a year I have been saying today is the day. At the end of the day I would discover I had been wrong. I hadn't changed that which I had intended to change.

For almost a week now I have had the resolve. I have changed that which I had intended to change and I know it is not temporary.

Do any of you relate or know how to get to the resolve sooner or have a map you use or.....


  1. I have NO idea what you are talking about, but I am so happy you posted something new!!!! I have been checking everyday like a kid checking the mail for a special package!!

  2. If i knew the answer to this i would write a self-help book and make big bucks. Until then, i'll just have to fake like i know what i'm doing.

  3. Tell someone what you propose to do and by when. Then it's 'out there' and you pretty much are committed to do it or look indecisive or worse.

  4. Hey lady! Are you gonna let us in on what you are talking about, or am I just DENSE??

    I posted an update about my wonderful bra shopping excursion!

  5. You can find out how you get there with a map but that would ruin the fun of the search and the lands you traveled to get there. You can make resolutions a thousand times and it means nothing but you resolve once and it means everything.
    You can't change what has been done but you can direct what will be.

  6. toni-I think Burkman3s' comment should be helpful.It was for me.

    meno-love your commment.

    atavist-thanks for the excellent advice.I don't usually tell anyone until I have hit the resolve because I don't want to look indecisive or worse.

    toni-I will be checking on your update.

    burkman3-wow!Beautifully said.Thanks.I hope you and I both continue on in the right direction.

  7. On the chance that I am going to sound like a complete idiot- does this have anything to do with weight loss?

    If not, then I am just clueless!

  8. toni-weight loss,cleaning closets,looking for a new job,making a doctors appointment, buying a long needed bra......putting off anything that you have the good intention to do and don't over and over again until one day you know that you have smoked your last cigarette,that you will never again spank your child,that.............well I guess some people don't struggle with this and that is a good thing!

  9. Ok- Think I got it! I was thinking more in terms of one "specific" thing!

  10. I actually have the opposite problem in my life. I make "resolutions" with every breath and have all these random things I can't even remember why I resolved to do.

    I just like everything being tied up in neat little bundles with clear labels. It's the OCD in me but I can't stand things to be cluttering my desk.

    And remember, you aren't going to die if you temporarily fall off the horse. Give yourself a little wiggle room. It's the only thing to keep your brain from exploding.


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