Saturday, September 11, 2010

I've just really been stagnate lately. In a state of mind that I'm not proud of. Thinking back, there have been some bright moments. For the most part though, I am wondering where the joy has gone. Seems I 've been stirring the soup pot of my life and have found all the good parts are gone and only the broth is left. So, perhaps it is time to visit my 100 Things About Me list that I started so long ago (3/22/07).


1. I have paint watercolors that knock my socks off. Other peoples socks too. I could sell them, but I don't want to let them go.
2. I haven't done more than test new colors in about 9 months.
3. I used to get paid to do calligraphy.
4. I have been paid to sew garments for people.
5. I have won awards for knitting and cross stitch projects.
6. I was editor of an organizations monthly newsletter.
7. I was a newswriter for an organizations monthly newsletter.
8. I ran for Vice President of an organization and lost.
9. I wrote, directed and starred in several skits.
10. I was the star of my senior class play.
11. I would have flunked algebra if I hadn't transfered out of the class taught by the organist of the church I attended. I took business math and did well. I have always considered myself lousy at math, but my husband has tried to convince me otherwise. I have just recently started to believe him.
12. My brother hasn't spoken to me since August of 1999.