Thursday, February 16, 2012


Thinking about my children

You say goodbye,

smile proudly

as they stand there, so tall

with backpack, camera,

and you hand over a sandwich,

or a fresh peach,

and a lucky penny,

wishing, Godspeed.

You can't go with them,

hold their hand as they cross

whatever street they must

to school, train, or plane ---

or ocean, or midnight sky.

You can only watch,

feeling your heart beat fast,

still warmed from that last hug,

as they walk away,

looking smaller to you

as they grow

to full size on their own.

You swallow tears

arms already feeling empty,

and try to smile.

You think they might look back

for reassurance

or to wave excitement as their

newest adventure begins.

At last you turn,

go back inside

to whatever house you call home,

make yourself a cup of coffee or tea

and plan your own journey

to destinations unforeseen......

~~Lenore Horowitz~~