Saturday, July 03, 2010

There we were.

Bringing back the memories

Last month Hupsun and I flew to the Washington DC area to attend a reunion of the TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron) where he (Hupsun) began his Military career 32 years ago in Germany.

We landed at Dulles in the dark, took the bus to our rental car, found our "Inn", then found a restaurant (that was just getting ready to close) and ate some food.

The next day, after the free breakfast at the "Inn", we drove to the home of my very dearest friend in the beautiful Virginia countryside. Her husband was Hupsun's boss at one time (which made her the bosses wife at one time). Very soon after our arrival we were amazed to realize that these two men, who we ordinarily have to pry conversation out of, were chatting with each other like magpies. We all had a wonderful visit.

I couldn't leave without visiting their cows though. And I downloaded a picture I took of them, but just lost it somehow:( The bunch they had the last time I visited were much more photogenic. But, that's understandable, because I spent a lot more time getting to know them.

I made Hupsun drive around R & K's neighborhood for awhile so we wouldn't be early to the pre-reunion get together. R & K were our "sponsors" (a couple assigned to help new couples) when we arrived in Germany 32 years ago.

"It is just as rude to be early as it is to be late", I told Hupsun.

Two other couples were already there. Three men met us at the door. I was amazed that they looked familiar to me. I knew that I had known them but I didn't know who they were. Kind of like when someone is guest starring on Law and Order and you try to remember where you know you know them from.

I recognized K immediately. She hadn't changed a bit. The whole evening was delightful.

The next day.......

Manassass battle ground.

Shanandoah scenic view.

I finally found a bear in the woods!

Fly boys (and one mystery woman), thirty years older and some of them have grown up! They all still do so much talking with their hands that you would have
thought they were all Italians.

Big boys racing!

At the Smithsonian Museum of American History. I think we're related!

Julia Child's cookbooks!

The coolest building I've ever seen in the United States of America!

Speaks for itself!

I like things from every angle.

We're walking, we're walking!
And now I am off for ten days to visit and babysit my grandbabies.