Saturday, November 03, 2007

Waht the......

I have been organizing and rearranging, tossing some stuff and remembering I had other stuff. Just last week I used the last sheet of the magnified list pad that I keep on the refrigerator. I remembered having another somewhere but couldn't remember where, so I bought another one. Just a few minutes ago I found the one I remembered having. This is the precise reason I am doing the aforementioned. Well, actually that is only part of it. It really all started off because I was looking for something I had written about my childhood that I was going to post on my blog. Haven't found it yet. Perhaps when I do, that will be the end of the aforementioned activities!


  1. Well, welcome back. What happened to October?

    I do that too - sometimes the only way to find something is to buy another one.

  2. Exactly z, what happened to October?


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