Thursday, November 08, 2007

Losing a decade.

A couple of days ago I got the biggest compliment from a slot attendant I am friendly with at the Atlantis Casino. Stopped in for a little video poker after a shopping expedition and buffet meal. While Iftikar and I were chatting he asked if I worked.

"I haven't worked in over 30 years".

"Then that must mean you never worked".

"Oh, I have worked".

"Well, not very long cause you're about 50, take away 30"......

Well, I didn't hear the rest. I gave him a gentle fist on his shoulder and a Cheshire cat grin.

"Thank you, I am 61 and will be 62 the 14th of next month".

"No, that can't be," he said as he looked closer at my face. "You can usually tell by the skin and ...... Well, I don't believe it".

"I could show you my ID!!!"

It is clear to me at this point that he is really sincere in his disbelief .

"You have just made my day"! (But, really he made my year or so!!!!).

Just before he walks off to help someone I look into his thick glasses and for a moment question if maybe he doesn't see well out of them. I decide to dismiss this negative thought and continue to walk on a cloud for awhile.

When I told my husband he said,

"See, I've told you. Eternally youthful".

When I told my son he said,

"Mom, he was hitting on you."

I didn't argue with either one of them and continue to smile about it all.


  1. That's HILARIOUS (that you didn't know he was totally hitting on you). Just today I got another guess of my age at 28 (that's what I usually get) and I'm 36. I get them gene's from my muthuh... thanks.

  2. Well,I don't get that all the time because my age seldom comes up in conversation.

  3. Oh it takes so little to make us happy.

    What a great story.

  4. That IS really nice! I might have kissed him.
    I think it is all the beauty of the soul coming through. ;)


  5. That wasn't an empty compliment, paid only because he was hitting on you. It was sincere and spontaneous.

    "But you have such lovely skin" could be hitting on you. "You can usually tell by the skin" is brutally frank, and honest.

    Good for you. I'd be thrilled too.

  6. meno-indeed!
    amber-he is very shy and sweet and a kiss may have scared him!
    z-wish I could have taken a picture of his expression. He looked sincere to me!

  7. Well, you don't look your age from the photos. How nice! I read a comment you made on Marsha's blog about marriage. You have a great blog.


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