Thursday, May 10, 2007

ABC - that's how elementary it's going to be.......

meno tagged me for the abc meme.

A. Attached or single-attached.
B. Best friend- contact with my best friend in high school has dwindled to occasional cards the last several other best friend of almost 25 years lives across the country....we call each other often and I have visited her several times, though not recently.
C. Cake or pie-a dark, moist, dense carrot cake or my own apple or cherry pie.
D. Drink of choice-water, water and more water. .... coffee; Starbuck's House Blend with heavy whipping cream .....equal parts Dewars scotch and white creme d' menthe on the rocks.
E. Essential item-fountain pen....and either peacock or purple ink cartridges. Writing just isn't the same without them.
F. Favorite color-yellow. And I just recently realized this. I've always loved yellow but was never able to wear it, so even I thought green was my favorite color because it was the color I wore most often and that I decorated my house with .
G. Gummi bears or worms-really soft squishy gummi bears like we first had 28 years ago in Germany.
H. Hometown-I would have to say Seattle, though I now live and have lived many other places.
I. Indulgence-floating.
J. January or February-February because my grandson was born in February.
K. Kids- One of each. Both wonderful human beings.
L. Life is incomplete without-love
M. Marriage date-December 11, 1976
N. Number of siblings-1 1/2, both brothers, one I've never laid eyes on and one hasn't spoken to me since our stepfather died 7 years ago.
O. Oranges or is easier to select good apples.
P. Phobias/fears-fears.....many and varied. I was cured of my bee phobia.
Q. Favorite quote-"Dumb as dirt" and "Life is about the journey not the destination".
R. Reasons to smile-grandchildren, son, daughter, husband (not at this moment), babies, puppies, kittens, penguins, bunnies, hugs, kisses, flowers, some rocks make me smile, strawberries, when I look in the mirror and like what I see (more often lately), friends, many songs, memories, today not much.
S. Seasons-watching spring happen is my favorite.
T. Tags- toni
U. Unknown fact about me-I can't think of any facts about me that I haven't at some point told someone.
V. Vegetarian or oppressor of animals-I am prejudiced towards neither.
W. Worst habit- chewing my cuticles til they bleed and blogging.
X. X-rays or ultrasound-this is a weird question but it is a well known fact that I hate mammograms.
Y. Your favorite foods-snow crab, green beans, pasta in cream sauce, pizza.
Z. Zodiac- Sagittarius


  1. Great list! Scotch? Didn't think you drank! I am also finding that I am starting to like yellow also- it's just bright and happy, not enough of that in todays world. Love the quote 'Dumb as dirt,- as well as the deep thinker one!

    Thanks for tagging me- I will put mine up later today!

  2. Great job. I like yellow too, but a soft yellow, not the color of mustard.
    I am intrigued by your siblings and that you don't speak, or have never met.

  3. toni-there was a time in my life that I drank heavily on occassions and always scotch or wine, preferably from the Mosel or Lambrusco with italian food. Oh, yes, and an occassional sip of my husbands beer. When we visited England I found that I liked ale. Now I have the drink mentioned maybe once every three months, a glass of wine once every two months and a marguerita as often as once a month if we are having Mexican at our favorite place where they are 99c. Probably because I was always a social drinker and I am no longer social?

  4. meno-no baby poop yellow as I refer to mustard.

    Everyone tried to guess what set my brother off. It is a long story that I'll work on to post. I appologized for upsetting him to no avail. I think maybe now he is too ashamed?

    I have never met the half brother that our father fathered after he and my mother were divorced. I didn't even know he existed until I was way older.

  5. Sorry. Blogging cannot be classified as a bad habit; I have too many other things that I put in that category, so you just can't put it there.

  6. jen-I just realized how beneficial blogging can be and have decided to stop considering it a bad habit. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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