Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ten Things That Make My Life Wonderful

Special K -toni has tagged me for another meme. Probably because I have had nothing to say, because I don't want to whine. I just left some great advice on marsha's blog that I should be following. So, right now my life is not wonderful, but I think it is wonderful that I am still alive.

So many of you have taken off like rockets in your blogs with new looks and all kinds of tricky stuff. Some of it makes me dizzy, but also amused and proud.

I remember when we used to write letters by hand and put them in the mail. It was always difficult for me to finish them and get them mailed. Ten, fifteen pages and extra postage was common, as well as finding unfinished letters months later. I am sorta kinda feeling like that right now.

So on with the meme..........

Here is my list of 10 things in my life that give me pleasure. I make my life wonderful.

1. My cozy warm blanket. It is incredibly soft and warm and is the color of the coffee with cream that I drink in the morning. I cuddle on the sofa in it and add it to my side of the bed when there's a chill.

2. My bed. The name of it is nebula and it is out of this world and a king.

3. "Little Car"- a zippy little Hyundai Accent.

4. Talking on the phone with my closest friend who lives across the country and doesn't blog.

5. Bathtub drain stopper. Something I wanted to invent myself. I goes on the overflow drain of our long deep tub so the water level can be higher. I love a deep hot bath with a good book.

6. Green beans and snow crab legs which I've said before and will probably say again.

7. The view out my kitchen windows.

8. TV

9. My husband, children and grandchildren.

10. Bloggers in all different kinds of packages that have opened up my world. I feel much better after sharing with you all!!

This is a great meme if you're needing a boost. Let me know if you do it. I'm running out of steam.


  1. I need one of those bathtub drain stoppers!!! I like scalding hot baths. The kind when you get out you look like a boiled lobster. In the winter, those baths are the only things that can bring life back into my toes.

  2. As a preteen, i wrote long letters to my best friend. They were carefully sealed with sealing wax and stamps. It was so exciting to get one back filled with bird feathers and pictures cut from magazines and whatever else we could squeeze into an envelope.

  3. lorelei-It is a round clear plastic cap with a brim that has suction cups all around, about four or so inches in diameter. I first found out about it's existence on the net, then found it for $3.69 + tax at either Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things.

    meno-my best friend and I wrote with Shaeffers Big Red fountain pens (I continue to write with one today even though I also have 3 Waterman's), on Crane's crystal sheer stationery because it was so light. We were obsessed with our fingernails and would draw pictures to show how long they were and if any broke. I just now realized that that obsession was not successful!

  4. Great list- I love crab legs too- actually any kind of seafood- just not sushi! I have a 'special' blanket too- Got it when I was pregnant with David- who is 13 now. Just can't find one as good!

  5. #9, yes family is wonderful. I've felt especially grateful for mine lately.

  6. Oh, a deep hot bath with a good book! *sigh* That is on the top of my list in house hunting. A deep bath. We have a bath now, but it is made for midgets, I asume. Not for me.

    The post about your daughters birth was cool to read. So funny how they use to do things! I can't imagine not seeing my baby right away!

    I hope things are okay for you. I will add you in my prayers tonight, for whatever it is you need. ;)



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