Sunday, December 07, 2008

I'll Whine If I Want To


I feel an obligation to finish the rendition of my hip drama, or as others might refer to it as a tragic comedy. But, da-dada-dum, I'm using my very clever avoidance routine, which is shifting my focus, instead.

Every year about this time I become determined not to be rushed. Ask me how often I am successful. No, not really, that was what I think is a rhetorical question. I'm going to tell you just what I think. I think that I have less responsibility and more time and accomplish half as much as I did five or ten years ago. And I think it is all your fault. That wasn't rhetorical, just ridiculous:)

We bought a very inexpensive, small artificial tree recently, so we could use it inside, instead of using our lighted artificial outdoor tree in a lovely pot, as we have been doing for a couple of years. Just assembling the new tree, then putting on the lights (200), with copious breaks, took two days. The decorating process is turning out worse. Searching for all the decorations that I was sure I had organized in one place has created huge piles of stuff all over the house, because as I search, I pull things out and decide that it really must be organized before I put it back, or it is in the wrong place. I have started to think about baking cookies instead.

So, then I become overwhelmed and use my very clever new avoidance technique of blogging instead of gettin' on with gettin' on. Now, don't you tell me you've never stooped so low.


  1. Blogging is only a NEW avoiding tool for you? hahaha! I am an old hat at it.


  2. I am right there with you. My tree is up with no lights or decorations. My garage is a mess because it all needs to be reorganized. I have so much Christmas shopping left to do. When is the fun part supposed to happen.

  3. Decorations?

    Uh, maybe in another week or so i'll start thinking about it.

  4. amber-marsha-meno-Thank you all for your generous support and encouragement. I love you all!

  5. Blogging is a procrastinator's dream. Well, it's THIS procrastinator's dream, at least. I get to look into other people's lives and see how they think and live.

    It's always fun to see what's going on with you.


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