Monday, May 12, 2008


He still hasn't said anything but I think I noticed a, "Something is different look", as Z suggested would happen. I am amused and curious how long before he says something. He did call me from work and thanked me for being the mother of his children! He suggested he should go with me to PT today to make sure they aren't torturing his Sweetie! How sweet is that. The thing is, I am sure everyone at PT will notice the drastic difference in my hair.

Started plowing through the piles of treasures that have been deposited in my "studio", which was previously called my junk room, until a dear friend suggested the new designation. This was before I actually started doing watercolor. I get distracted easily with the clearing process. For instance, I started practicing calligraphy when I came upon a poem I've been meaning to do in calligraphy for my son for years, but keep misplacing. Then I started thumbing through catalogs that I forgot I had.

I keep believing that there is hope for my studio. I have been successful before, in different homes, states, a lifetime ago! Has anyone out there finally, conquered their cluttered, disorganized "studio", who are willing to advise and share?


  1. Nope. I mean, no decluttering, not an unwillingness to share

  2. The more exprienced/older I get the more I find that the reward of decluttering is not how the space looks after it's been cleared but the 'places' it takes you in the process. How great is it to find a poem you thought you'd lost, or look through magazines that you probably saved for a time just like this, or let the artist in you practice caligraphy? Don't let the process stop you, just enjoy the ride. Eventually the space will be cleared and you will have your studio; a place where you will read poety, savor magazines, and practice your art.


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