Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thinking Bloggers Meme

I have been entertaining my daughter and grandchildren since dinner time on Wednesday right after I was given a thinkers award from toni.

So I am just now posting this.

Well all the blogs I visit make me think:
I think that is stupid.
I think that photo is beautiful.
I think that is funny.
You see what I mean.
So, how many is it? Five? I think I must think of five blogs that I visit that make me think and then say something about why it makes me think. And of course it doesn't count that toni who tagged me is one of my favs because I feel very comfortable with her, like I 've known her for years.

biscotto is the most intriguing blog I have read. Her writing puts you in the seat right next to her. It was from one of menos favs that I found her.

Amber's' writing is compelling and gentle. She shares her past to help others and shares her lovely family perhaps to show how it is possible to overcome.

Blog Ant is a fabulous writer. Unlike me, no interpreter is necessary when you read her totally engrossing posts, no matter what they are about.

Atavist makes me think harder than any. On several occasions I ended up with many hand written pages trying to express how I felt about a certain subject he was discussing and ended up not commenting at all.

And meno, ah meno, I can't really say why I relate so totally to her blog.
And since meno is always mentioned in fabulous five memes I will add another fascinating blog.

deirdre fills her blog with the breathings of her heart.


  1. Ooooo! New blogs for me to stalk! Can't wait!

    'breathings of her heart'- that is beautiful! Why does everyone else in blogtopia have all these creative & beautiful ways of writing? Probably shouldn't have skipped English class so much back in the day!

    Hope you had a wonderful time spoiling the grandkids!

  2. I am so glad that you like biscotti, or whatever she calls herself. I just find her utterly fascinating.

    Thanks for the mention, and this is a fabulous list. I need to go check out Atavist, everyone says he's good.

  3. Thanks for your kind mention of my humble efforts. I am a bit behind in my blog-reading, as you can see, but I enjoy browsing others' blogs as well. I always learn interesting things from them.

  4. toni-'breathings of her heart' I stole off her blog! You have your own creative way of writing that is loved by so many.

  5. meno-you say biscotti, I say biscotto....shes a panhedonist however you spell it! She so fascinates me that she is the first blog I check and I will keep checking hoping she has commented. Having read all of her posts from the beginning I really believe she needs a new therapist.

  6. atavist-I too have had a lot of catching up to do. I don't always comment on your posts because I feel it takes me too long to adequately explain myself. Thanks for continuing to humor me!

  7. Really? A new therapist? What makes you say that?

    Biscotto is the singular. Biscotti is the plural. It translates as twice cooked.


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