Monday, March 12, 2007



It is too incredible what this blogging business has done for me. I haven't been doing it very long, yet the benefits are huge. Thanks Lucky.

I think blogging is what it used to be like to write letters! When I graduated from High School I traveled with a family to Hawaii. The family then moved to Korea and I stayed in Hawaii and wrote long letters home to my Mom and bestfriend. When I say long letters, I mean 10, 15, 20 pages. Oh and I almost forgot about the sailor I wrote long letters to when I was in High School. His name was Maynard Robert Kanoinoiokalani Kaleokalani. He was also my first kiss! Just one.

Anywho...the benefits of blogging.....back to the benefits of blogging.

The most recent benefit is that I got all fired up reading some blogs that are way out there. I remember a time when I was able to guide peoples thoughts back to rational reasonable thought. I was well known for it as a matter of fact. Then I had children and a slight shift occurred in my sensibilities. I spent much less time talking to peers and most of my time being a mother. That was almost 36 years ago.

About twelve years later when my youngest started school I started reading self help books and writing about what I learned. The volume of my writing filled several garbage bags when we pared down before moving to Nevada. I kept a small portion. Blogging inspired me to dig them out and reading them has been amazing and uplifting just as it was to look through photo albums to find pictures to post on my blog.

I hope to share some of this writing with you.

How long has it been since you looked through your phots albums? Do you have journals that you haven't read in OH SO long?


  1. I've got all my old photo albums spread out on the floor around me. My husband taught me how to scan the old pictures onto the computer. I have old journals I kept for the kids too, one for each of them. Maybe I'll dig them up and have a look at them as well.

  2. I am oh so very attached to all my old journal and photos. I've always saved anything that had the slightest bit of meaning in my life and it's so fun to go through all the bags and bags of ticket stubs, notes passed in class and letters I wrote to people that I never intended on sending.

    Of course, it all comes in very handy for blog-fodder when I can't think of something current to write about. It's fun to be able to look back and see how much/little I've changed.

  3. I've been looking at old videos from years ago and transferring them to formats I can watch on the computer. Fun to go down memory lane, isn't it?

  4. Once, in a fit of....something, i burned all my old journals. I don't really regret it. they were a bunch of awful whining. But they would have been funny now.

  5. How did I miss this???? Bloglines- you FAILED ME!

    Oh do share your deep thoughts with me! Wanna know ALL about what makes you tick!

  6. We're alike, how so????

    O' I know because we are both fabulous!

  7. Nevada? Huh, I live in Nevada....followed the link from Toni's blog :)


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