Monday, December 18, 2006


A friend and her 16 year old daughter are spending two weeks in NY city. The trip had been planned for many months. They are having a marvelous time. Many months ago this friend gave us her tickets to "The Spelling Bee" for this past Saturday at the Reno Performing Arts Theater. My husband and I have been looking forward to this with great excitement.

My husband worked Friday night as usual from 5:30 pm to 1:30 am, arriving home a little after 2 to 2:30 am. As is typical, he had something to eat and watched some TV with me and we probably went to bed around 4:30-5 am. I woke up a little after noon and was standing in the kitchen next to the coffee pot waiting for it to finish perking when my husband walked up to me waving the play tickets.

"I was so sure it was in the evening, but it says two. We'll never make it," he said, disappointment clear in his voice.

I looked at the clock on the microwave and thought he was right, but I said, "If we hurry and just throw some jeans on and forget about showers and such we might be able to make it." I knew he was as disappointed to let down our friend who gave us the tickets as he was to not get to see the play.

"You think!" he asked.

"If we hurry," I assure him, even though I was not as sure as I sounded and was feeling disappointed not to be able to wear the clothes I had so carefully laid out the night before in expectation of an evening performance. I had thought that our friend had said that it was a matinee performance and in the past week or so I had kept meaning to check either the tickets (clearly visible on the corkboard in the office) or with my husband, and had not. So, I was feeling responsible.

My husband ran in to shave, I put on deodorant, brushed my teeth, washed my face, pulled on socks, jeans, pushed my feet into my tennies, threw on a shirt and jacket. I would button the buttons and tie my shoes as we drove, I had a comb in my purse I would use for my hair and grabbed the purse, a makeup bag, gloves and the terrific boa type long scarf the friend who had given us the tickets had given to me just before she left for NY. I kept saying, as much to myself as to my husband, "Hurry!"

Off we went. We were in front of the theater at 2:11, found a parking place surprisingly close and I don't think we disturbed more than a couple people or missed more than 15 or 20 minutes of the play before we were in our seats. The play was hilarious.

And coming out of the theater we were greeted with a winter wonderland!!!! The snow was falling in big fat fluffy flakes. You know, the kind that seem to float leisurely with only one delight.

And had we had time to dress we both would have been wearing dress shoes, not our trusty traction tennies, that took us safely to our car.

God is in the details.


  1. Awesome. See how it all works out?

  2. Amazing what you can do with a good boa! (I particularly like the effect of a boa with tennis shoes. A must when the weather gets tricky on you.)

  3. I love a good play and love good traction even more :o)


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