Monday, September 14, 2009



I was housecleaning my Email when I came across a thoughtful observation I had made to someone a while back. I have followed and admired this popular blogger for most of my blogging history. She certainly didn't need my advice, I was agreeing with hers when I posted the following parable.

"If you want visitors you have to answer the door, invite them in and entertain them. Devoted fans dwindle fast when you stop opening your door."

It has occurred to me that my blogging behavior is much like my life. I often don't answer my door (lots of good excuses, no good reason), seldom invite anyone in ( ) and therefor I don't have to worry about entertaining anyone.

I have been avoiding blogging and pretty much my life. Just wanted you to know.


  1. When my sister's husband died, although she functioned quite well at work and day-to-day, whenever any of her family and close friends were with her she spent most of the time crying and pouring out her grief. Then one day, after 3 years, she asked me if I thought it was time she stopped. I said that she could say whatever was in her mind to me, but that the thought had occurred to her was maybe a sign that she was ready to move on herself. And indeed, she didn't do it again.

    I think people should listen to their instincts. Sometimes you need to lie low and say nothing while you get over things, sometimes you need people. And sometimes you become aware of what you're doing and decide it's time to jolt yourself out of a habit before it becomes entrenched. But not if you're not ready. Cherish yourself, be like a loving mother to yourself. xx

  2. Z- This morning when I woke up, I felt wonderful for the first time in a very long time. I thought to myself, "This feels like being in love." I keep checking to see if the feeling is still there. I'm not sure what has changed.

    Reading your comment just now brought tears to my eyes. I do think I have been mourning someones death, someone who hasn't died.

  3. It's a positive feedback cycle. I try to avoid it, but am not always successful.


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