Saturday, May 02, 2009

Miss Me?

What's Up?
I have been thoroughly depressed about using a computer since returning from our trip to Seattle last month. I was looking forward to blogging about our trip when I turned on the laptop computer for the first time in over a week, clicked on Bookmarks, and there were none. Tried our main computer. Same thing. I have been pulling out my hair since then.

While working on it today I noticed that I only have 8 more posts until my 100th. You know, the one where you post 100 things about yourself. If I post this,it will only be 7!!

I am in the process of making positive changes.


  1. Hey, I did miss you. How is your hip? I am in the process of making positive changes too. Sun, exercise, water, fruits and veggies - not really interesting but helpful. I wonder what happened to your bookmarks?

  2. marsha-after days of hassle we discovered that Yahoo had changed it's bookmark format while we were on our trip. Not liking the new one, I tried to make changes, ran into more trouble and am still trying to figure it all out. complicated for me.

  3. It's worth using Bloglines or a similar RSS feed, because not only are you notified when a new article is posted but you won't lose the blogs you follow if you have a disastrous computer malfunction.

  4. Thanks z. I am a strong, powerful woman and I WILL conquer this!

  5. I use google reader. You are a stong, powerful woman. I fancy myself to be pretty darn good with the computer having taken a number of programming classes and all the millions of hours I have spent online. I volunteered to be the online chair for our local relay for life. The American Cancer Society website is so complicated it drove me crazy but my husband who can barely turn on a computer without help thinks it is easy to use. My point is that sometimes these computer programs are difficult just because you don't have time to read every word on every page and it they don't act the way you expect them to act. I guess we all expect different things?

  6. marsha-I may try too hard. I try to figure it out myself, become totally frustrated and finally give up and ask my husband for help. Often he makes a simple suggestion that fixes the problem and I just feel so depleted. I know you took classes,so, it is reassuring that you occassionally have trouble. Thanks for the support.


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