Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doctor Who ?

The doctor I wanted to adopt was sent off to Afghanistan. So, I made an appointment with Dr. M, who had taken his place. H, my physical therapist, had called Dr. M and explained why she thought I should be evaluated by an orthopedist. The first thing Dr. M said to me was,

"So, you're ready for a new hip?"

My eyes instantly expanded with shock (clever way to say wide eyed, isn't it?) and I defensively replied, "I certainly hope not!"

I thought I was going to see the orthopedist to be evaluated, have a nice friendly conversation about my options. Plus, this was the first time I had seen this "doctor". She seemed abrupt and was dressed in black so I erroneously labeled her as "g*stapo". I think it was my shaky emotional state and her newness......anyway, to get on with it, she set me up with a referral to see an orthopedist.

I went on line and investigated my options for an orthopedist. At my next visit to PT I took a printout of possibilities with me. H had assured me that she would help me choose an orthopedist. She took the list to study and said she would consult with the other therapists and give me their recommendations at my next visit. Before my next visit, the receptionist called to ask if I would mind changing my appointment to an earlier one. I agreed.

From the tiny reception and waiting area with five chairs, two end tables (which barely fit) and no frills, you turn left down the narrow hall passing five treatment rooms on the right. Just before the last room, there is a big opening to the right into the "gym". The "gym" is a big room with machines, high adjustable treatment tables, big adjustable low padded platforms and all kinds of blocks and balls and pulleys and ropes and blocks and ......fun stuff. And, oh yes, the mirrors! Three or four therapists at a time might be treating one to three people at a time. I was in the gym at this earlier than usual appointment, being guided through my exercises and working on the equipment while H was consulting with the other therapists about the best orthopedist for me. I knew they would come to a wise choice because I also knew they all adored my quirky character. I worked hard, encouraged the other people who came there to be treated and tried always to be cheerful. (This advertisement was paid for by lzm)

B, one of the therapists was working with a man who overheard the therapists discussing me and recommended the doctor who had done his second hip replacement. Yes, I said second. Two different doctors and two different approaches. The first was a negative experience. He recommended the second approach and doctor, who was Dr.P. Before he left we got together and talked. He was at PT because he had just had knee replacement surgery.

"Would you mind me asking how old you are.?" I asked.

His surprising answer was ten years younger than I am. And since I intend to remain eternally youthful I am choosing not to divulge that information.

He brought some brochures for me to his next PT appointment.

I saw this as divine intervention and I can't wait to introduce you to Dr. P. But, this is my husband's day off and we are planning a huge excursion to the lieberry and then to the new Black Bear Diner which is connected to the new Nugget Casino. I have just 60 pages left to read in the book I want to finish and return.


  1. You are such a busy girl. Always on the run. I am enjoying your story very much. I am assuming you are all recovered and feeling great.

  2. more teasing!

    Enjoy the diner.

  3. You're teasing us...

  4. Patience my sweets. I'm writing as fast as I can. Appreciate your interest.

  5. Mmmm, Black Bear! One of my Bff's uncle started and owns those diners! I can't believe how well hey have done. :)

    what are you reading?


  6. amber-I was reading Edgar Sawtelle and I didn't like the ending.

    The Black Bear Diner has been doing a bang up business and they haven't even had their grand opening yet. The food and service were good, the portions huge or lite if you like, and there were lots of kids there, so the kids menus must be good too, which is probably why they do so well. I think it all depends on the management though.

  7. Hope you enjoyed the BlackBear as much as I'm enjoying your story.

    About your comment: no, I don't criticize the work of friends. Mostly because I hope they won't criticize mine. My editor hat stays in the drawer unless someone's paying me to wear it!

  8. jerri-I was just being a brat and waving a carrot in front of your nose. I wish I hadn't stooped so low and won't do that again.


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