Friday, October 24, 2008

Conservatives for change

Time for me to make a stand. With only one exception, I have voted for a Republican President for the past 32 years, though I am an Independent.

Go to and listen to some other voices.

Make your decision and then VOTE!


  1. wow. Look at all the whote people.

    Thinking is a part of voting. Cool.

  2. It can't have been easy for those people to change their lifetime commitment and I respect them for standing up and saying so. It should be a landslide, but who knows?

  3. I am both curious and intrigued about your election. Can't say I understand it, especially since it's so different than in Cananda.

    But I CAN say I'm getting tired of election coverage on my's been going on for months now, and for some reason the election still hasn't taken place?!

    For us, we have a handful of campaign speeches on tv, a few signs go up... you start seeing your favorite channels get taken over by election crap, and then YOU VOTE (keep in mind this all takes place within about a two week period - and then it's over)

  4. meno-seems that's news to a lot of people.

    z-we've had bigger surprises. I think once Colin Powell stood up for Obama I was hooked because I have respected and admired Powell for a long time.

    that girl-the obnoxious campaigning here is so tiresome. I have three letters for the election coverage on tv, DVR! What we like least is the campaigning phone calls and knocks on our door at just the wrong time. Campaigning in Canada sounds so sedate.

  5. I didn't know you were a Replublican. After 47 years, who'd a thunk it?

  6. grandmabella-Nope. I have always voted independent of the party affilliation. Going to go vote, the person, not the party, now!


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