Friday, August 15, 2008

My Trip to Virginia

My scheduled departure from Reno was 11:55pm Sunday July 13. I was packed and ready to go before 4pm, though, so that I could go into Reno with my husband when he went to work. I dropped him off at work, then toddled around until it was time for him to get off work and take me to the airport.

I was having a great deal of pain in my hip because of the toddling around. We had arranged for electric car assistance for me to be able to make it to the next gate when I changed planes. I am able to walk long distances with just the support of my husbands’ hand, so I expected to be able to make it to security with him and imagined a golf cart type ride from there. The only thing available was wheelchairs and I was talked in to taking one from the young man at the check in counter. I became very weepy as we waited for the wheelchair to come. My husband tried to comfort me and suggested I look at it as if I had broken my leg skiing and needed the wheelchair temporarily. This helped some, but I was uncomfortable using the wheelchairs the whole trip as well as on the return trip. There was no doubt that I needed the assistance, though, when I saw some of the distances between gates that would have been impossible for me to walk.

After arrival at Dulles I called N as I was being wheeled to Baggage. She said she and her sister were waiting at Baggage. As I got near baggage I saw my beloved N. Her sparkling eyes and incredible smile made the eight years that we’d last been together, melt away in an instant. And our adventure began immediately.

We stopped for lunch and a “look see” at Wegman’s, an amazing huge building filled with food. N knows my interests! Then we drove through the breathtaking (literally for me, as I sigh a lot) Virginia countryside to her home.

I am working on posting pictures. Breathtaking pictures!


  1. Welcome home. Can't wait for the pictures!

    It's an exercise in humility isn't it, when you have to accept assistance? And it's no bad thing in its way, because it makes you appreciate what some people have to live with all the time.

  2. Z-You're absolutely right. And I wish I had been more humble. I kept telling everyone that I could walk, just not long distances. And since I have had hip surgery, I appreciate even more what some people have to live with all the time.

  3. I hope your surgery went well. I'm glad to say that losing some weight has really helped me and I hope that it will enable me to postpone an operation for quite some time.

    It's a shock though, when you suddenly find yourself confronted with a wheelchair. And you do find that you're treated differently when you're perceived as having a disability.


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