Monday, July 07, 2008

Windows of the Soul

I started this April 20 and didn't get around to finishing or publishing. I don't even remember where I found the MEME. I do remember how I was overwhelmed by some of the images that arose.

*Seeing my mother the first time after her stroke. She was in a coma and not expected to live. There is no way I could describe that vision. I will just say it was a painful one.

*The dark skin everywhere, when I got off the plane in Hawaii the first time in 1964. My Mom had married a Hawaiian when I was just 2. So I grew up in a Hawaiian community. Everyone went together to give me a plane ticket to Hawaii for a High School graduation gift. I lived and worked there for almost five years.

*I can still see the magnificent mountains on a trip to Hope, BC, more than half a century ago.

* The first time I set eyes on my first grandchild.

*Seeing my second grandchild's squished hairy little head first peep at the world. And then having the honor of cutting her cord.

*Recently driving through the Redwoods in the early morning darkness on a trip from Reno to Seattle.

*Seeing my dearest friend for the first time. I didn't know we would become such close friends. I just admired how classy she was.

*Hiding in the pasture in Sandpoint when my mother was coming to visit my brother and I at my fathers parents house. They had convinced my Mom to go to Seattle to join my father and to work. While there she caught him screwing around and divorced him. When she came back to get us our grandparents made us hide in the pasture. I remember crying because I wanted to run to my mother.

*Setting eyes on my first child. She was and still is perfect.

*Bright pink kitchen nook, with big windows, table and chairs where a dear dear friend and I investigated our souls over gallons and gallons of coffee.

*Sitting on the floor of a VOQ quarters lost in the eyes of my future husband, in Sacramento the night we went to Empamanondos 34 years ago. It makes me blush thinking about the rest of the evening*)

*Watching my husband cradle our son in the crook of his arm, holding his tiny head in his hand while talking about finance with him the day he was born in Germany.

*The canal in Georgetown.

*England, especially the stairs in The Tower of London. The thought of all the people I'd read about in books whose feet had actually walked up those same stairs too.
*George and Martha Washingtons grave.


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  1. Why exactly were you hiding from your mother? Because they didn't want you to go away with her?

    That's terrible.

  2. i love that you did this.

  3. How fun to get to see Hawaii like that--it's possibly my favorite place in the world after Alaska.

  4. That is wonderful writing. I feel that I know you all the better from reading this.

  5. meno - yes. Mom did take get us back and take us to Seattle (from Sandpoint, Idaho), only to have another traumatic experience a few years later where we were taken from my Mom again (a post in itself). I have a picture of my brother and I counting pennies with a policeman, that was cut out of the Seattles Times or PI.

    that girl - Thanks.

    jen-better late than never!

    scribbit - Hawaii was one of the warmest experiences of my life. Especially when my husband and I returned years later to celebrate our anniversary (5th).

  6. z - Darling z, thanks. Even though I'm older, I want to be just like you when I grow up.


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