Sunday, December 23, 2007

Feeling sad....

It's All About Cookies

It just isn't quite Christmas time without my "cheerren" around. I made a stab at creating some cheer by baking the traditional gingersnaps last night. Figured that if that worked I might graduate to baking some sugar cookies and maybe even decorate them. But then my mind swiftly went to the memories of my kids decorating them with me. I still have the Avon cookie cutters than leave impressions in the cookie dough. I would pipe a hat and scarf on the snowmen and they would dip them in sparkles. Then I would pipe on eyes, nose and buttons and they would stick on raisins and redhots. Then there were the Santas, trees and angels. I continued to do them myself after they refused to participate anymore. They still loved to eat them and kept reassuring me that they were way better than any of the cookies their friends moms made. Then they moved into their own places and I still made them and they came home for Christmas or I sent them to them. Then my husband retired, started a new career and we moved to Nevada.

So, really, I think I have been faking Christmas for a long time now. Last year I didn't even send out Christmas cards for the first time since I was probably 18. Our Christmas tree is one of those artificial prelit trees in a plaster planter that is supposed to sit outside. Last year I decorated it. So far this year, we're lucky if someone plugs the lights in. We've decided no stockings hung by the chimney with care for the first time (It's a gas fireplace anyway).

Maybe I should try making "the little white guys". They are my version of Russian teacakes or Mexican wedding cookies. I shape them into little logs and bake them a little longer than most. As soon as they come out of the oven I set them in a half inch layer of powdered sugar, then I sift another half inch layer on top of them. I decorate them by piping on two green leaves to represent holy and add a redhot. My husband always warns, "Hold your breath when you put them in your mouth or the powdered sugar will suffocate you". He would walk over hot coals for these things. They melt in your mouth and take you to a place you should only go during sex. Well, that may be an exaggeration!


  1. Your cookies sound wonderful. I love those kinds of cookies the best but have never made them. I just got done delivering cookies to some of my neighbors, chocolate chip, toll house. Not very original, I suppose.

    My parents were in a similar situation moving after their children were grown, makes finding friends hard. They found Pickleball. I wonder if they have it in your area? Seniors get together and play, they also have a club, they take care of each other. Their friends have become like their family. I wonder if there are any people who are like you, too young to be a considered a senior but with grown kids, who are all out having a great time in your area. I bet there are.

  2. I know what you mean, although I'll see all my family this week. I gave up on stockings a couple of years ago, after a lifetime of Christmas stockings. I just couldn't be doing with it any more. And this year, my husband has done all the cards, and if he hadn't they wouldn't have been done. We do have a real tree, which we put up last night, but I've done no baking at all.

    I'm afraid I'll have to rely on sex for Christmas bliss...;-)

  3. Ah, I love my mommy's Christmas cookies. I haven't tried to duplicate the sugar cookie decorating process because I really couldn't do it better than my mom (and I don't remember how, either - so thanks for the reminder, maybe I'll try).

    When I was in Mexico recently, they served those little white cookies and I thought of you. I LOVE them the mostest.

  4. I admire you muchly for even attempting to make Christmas cookies. I am too lazy. But they sound good.


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