Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Poetry Pity Party

Conflicting Convictions

I want to cry,
so I sigh.
No one takes me seriously,
because I bluster
and posture
and have conflicts
that divide
my convictions
and conflicting
til I'm back where I started
with fears
and tears.



  1. i take you seriously, friend.

  2. I gotta think about this some... I take you seriously too!

  3. Thanks jen and toni. You both warmed my heart. This poem doesn't reflect my current emotional state as I wrote it a few years ago. I really should have said so.

  4. I learned (especially with men) that you need to say how you feel, without blaming them, and explain what needs to be done to put things right.

    Which is fine if you know, but if you are worried or unhappy or feel torn, sometimes there are things that can't be put into words.

    Glad you don't feel like that now.

  5. Beautiful. Very. And I'm glad you're not in the throes of this now.

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  7. Z- I so agree with you. I was big on blaming and it is still a challenge to express my feelings without it being perceived as blame because that was what was expected from me. I have come to understand that I expected to be miserable and blamed everyone else for it.

    Glad I don't feel like that now too!

  8. whymommy- Thanks. I have been unable to comment on your blog. Know though that I read your blog and keep you in my prayers.


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