Monday, June 04, 2007

ah haw!!!


I have wondered what happened to comments that I was so sure I had left. I just caught myself unconsciously ready to exit the comments section of a blog before publishing the thoughtful, astute, brilliant comment I had just composed and realized that "ah haw!!!@#~*&!" that must be where all those comments disappeared ! Oops! Sorry to everyone affected, but who knows who that is.

I will be more careful in the future.

Another discovery I recently made (less than an hour ago) was a website that was instrumental in me repairing three very expensive Waterman fountain pens. I meant to send them off to be repaired a long time ago. I was reminded of them as I visited beth's calligraphy blog and from there found the site that led me to repair my nibs. All three are working well now. One nib was completely broken off at the tip so I turned it into a calligraphy pen. I love fountain pens as well as smooth and creamy lined paper.

Have a happy new day!!!!!


  1. I agree, a lovely fountain pen and heavy cream paper is a great thing.

    Hand written notes are the best.

  2. I remember learning to write with a fountain pen, caligraphy style. That was a long time ago, now-adays nobody has time for that anymore.

    By the way, I did add you to my 'invited readers' since i've gone private, if you so choose to visit again :-)

  3. I thought you just didn't want to hear what anyone had to say anymore. :)

  4. scribbit - and that makes it difficult for me to express myself adequately on a keyboard.

    vm/mp - It has been more than 20 years, but, I used to get paid 5c a letter to do calligraphy. And I did visit and thought I had left a comment!

    jenn - I do, I do, I do`````cause it makes me happy :-)

  5. I was wondering what happened! Glad you got that and the pens running smoothly now!

    Thanks for all the comments lately! I really do appreciate them.

  6. You're welcome. I am going to go get ready to go have an esophagram:~(

  7. I made Panhedonist private. Sorry. It feels rather awkward. I'll write and explain later.


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